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Following are descriptions of the various permits and requirements dealing with food service facilities and food workers. It is the responsibility of the owner of any food service facility to understand and comply with the requirements. If you cannot find answers you need, please contact the main office phone at (801) 529-2345.

Permits & Requirements

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Certified Food Safety Managers

Every food service facility preparing and serving "potentially hazardous" foods is required to be under the supervision of a Certified Food Safety Manager.This is a Utah State Law!Training and examinations are NOT provided by this Division. You must make arrangements with Norm Gale at Clean Cuisine for the appoved examination.

Once you have completed the training and passed the examination, you MUST register with the county office as the certified manager for the facility for which you will be working. If you transfer to another facility, you will need to re-register.

If you are registered as a Certified Food Safety Manager, you do not need a food handler permit. If you are NOT registered, you will need a food handler permit even though you have a certificate. Food Safety Managers must re-test every three years and re-register with this office.

Managers Certification Classes



Food Handler Permits

Food Safety ManualIndividuals working in facilities that prepare or serve food are required to obtain a food handler permit from the County Health Department’s Environmental Health Services Division. Permits are obtained by passing an examination based upon the County Health Department "Food Safety Training Manual." You may download the English-language study manual (pdf) or purchase one from the Food & Facilities Bureau office for $1.00.

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If you need to take the test in Spanish, you can download the Spanish-language study manual (pdf) or purchase a copy from food and facilities bureau office for $1.00.

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Permanent Food Service Facility Permits

Individuals wanting to take over the operation of an existing facility must complete a Food Service Health Permit Application (pdf), pay the appropriate fees and call the county for an inspection prior to re-opening.

Individuals wanting to build a new facility must fill out a Food Service Health Permit Application (pdf), submit a set of plans for review according to the Food Service Plan Requirements (pdf), pay a plan review fee, a permit fee prior to any construction, and request a pre-opening inspection with county before serving any food to the public.

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Mobile Food Catering Units

Individuals wanting to operate a mobile food catering business MUST have an approved commercial commissary to operate from. Each permitted mobile unit must return to the commissary daily for cleanup and food preparation. Mobile units, which include trucks, vans, trailers, push carts or anything similar cannot be parked at a specific site and left overnight. Food preparation CANNOT be done in a private residence. If you have a mobile unit, complete the Mobile Food Service Health Permit Application (pdf), call for an appointment and bring the unit and your permit fees to the county office for an inspection.

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Flavored Ice Facilities

Permits are required for flavored ice facilities. Each building must contain a three-compartment sink and a hand sink with hot and cold running water. There must be a fresh water tank for washing and a tank for wastewater. Wastewater CANNOT be dumped on the ground or into a storm drain.

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Home Food Catering and Preparation

Utah food rules state "Food prepared in a private home may not be used or offered for human consumption in a food establishment." Therefore, catering or food processing in a private kitchen will not be permitted.



Rules will be explained during the class.


"Mr. Norman L. Gale has been Our manager certification and food handler instructor for the past 10 years. We feel fortunate to have him as an instructor for our people. He is both entertaining and informative. He presents the material clearly and succinctly. He is an important and integral part of our food safety program, and use hope he will remain so for many years to come.."

- B. Preece, Chuck-A-Rama -


"I have taken the manager certification class four times before taking it from Norm Gale. It was far superior this time. Norm made it easier to understand, far more interesting and he assuaged any fears I had about passing the exam. I recommend this class above all others. It was worth the time & expense."

- M. Johnson, Hot Wings -


"I have worked in the food industry for over 30 years. As a manager for the past 20 years I have been subjected to different food safety instructors. Norman Gale is the most interesting and informative I have experienced. He has cleared up some questions nobody else answered to my satisfaction. I recommend him over anyone I have seen."

- Larry, Chuck-A-Rama -